Wednesday 3 September 2014

The 2014/15 Hobby Season Alumni

I have been invited to take part in my good friend Dave's "Hobby Season To Do List" sorry it's a bit late I've been away with no free WiFi :( 

 I have had a good 12 months - finished my Nurgle Space Marine army. 

Entered it into Throne of Skulls and won an award or two.  

Painted the Forge world Avatar for my friends 40th birthday and I'm also half way through painting my Tau Farsight Enclave army for the next Throne of Skulls.

I have my work cut out for me if I am to beat that year, that said lets get started on my to do list for 2014/15:-

1.  Enter Armies on Parade in October as goaded by Dave.
2.  Finish project X for Armies on Parade, not stolen the idea from Dave.... honest.
3.  Finish project Y for Armies on Parade....
4.  Paint Commander Farsight.
5.  Paint a Tau Battlesuit Commander or two.
6.  Paint 4 Tau Riptides.
7.  Paint 2 units of Tau Fire warriors.
8.  Paint a Tau Hammerhead gunship.
9.  Enter Throne of Skulls with my Tau Farsight Enclave Army and get one player vote with my ultra competitive list and get nominated for best army. (no pressure).
10.  Complete my Dark Eldar Tantalus which has been in the loft for 2 years.
11.  Paint the last of my 10 Dark Eldar Incubi.
12.  Paint Dark Eldar Drazhar and Lelith Hersperax.
13.  Paint my last Dark Eldar Venom.
14.  Start painting my Vampire Counts Army which has also been in the loft for 2 years.
15.  Outside chance of this happening but... to have one 4000pts WFB army painted, either Bretonnia or Vampire Counts.
16.  Not to give Games Workshop all my money and also to resist buying Nagash,but he looks so good.  
17. And lastly but most important ....Not to get divorced as I have just realised how much I have to paint :)

That's my list and it seems I will have a very busy 6 weeks ahead of me including moving house, I'll just have to take it one item at a time and cherry pick what would look best for Armies on Parade, because they will not all get done in time, but they all need doing anyway.

Good luck to every one taking part, I know I'm going to need it :)

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