Monday 25 August 2014

Tau Tetra - Farsight Enclave

I have finally finished my 4 Tetras and I am happy with them, but in hindsight I think they could of done with a few more markings even if it was just to number them 1 to 4, oh well too late now.

The blue Tau statue is not a statue at all.  I wanted it to be different from the barracuda base so I opted for a holographic projection, which are used as public service announcements or issuing orders on the battlefield "for the greater good" and such.  I liked the idea so much I'm going to make 3 more of these and use them as objective markers but next time I think I'll paint them a little lighter. I had toyed with the idea of casting them in clear resin and placing blue LED lights in the base, I thought that would be cool for objective markers doted all around the board, maybe be I should put it to a vote?   Anyway I hope you like :)

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