Friday 23 January 2015


If you love marines the new Deredeo Dreadnought is awesome and so are the rules.  For me it looks like a mixture of Robotech Monstor and the Tau Broadside, can I have three please :)

Thursday 22 January 2015

New Riptide heads

Yes that's right I have another new Riptide.  "One can never have enough Riptides"  It's the XV109 and as it's a variant from the normal Riptide, I thought it needed a completely different head, I also wanted to keep the XV107's head in mind, so it's roughly based on his, but its not a fixed head like the XV107.  what do you think?

Sunday 18 January 2015

New Dark Eldar Grotesques or Aberrations anybody!

Wow two out of three isn't bad and cheaper than buying 3 Grotesques, I might have to have some of these and start converting :)

P.S. sorry for not blogging recently moving house and university assessments have gotten the better of me, but I'm back now....