Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Just a short post wishing everyone a "Happy Halloween" and to showcase my attempt to teach my 6 year old boy how to make a scary pumpkin, yes that's right I let him loose with a big sharp knife, but don't worry he still has all his fingers.  And I say attempt because I'm 40 and this is only my second pumpkin sculpt myself, so what do I know :)   
Hints and tips from our American cousins would be great, because I'm a novice at this.....

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Grotesque or not to Grotesque?

With Blog Wars 8 just around the corner, its time to talk about Dark Eldar, since the new codex has come out I have dusted them down and they are hungry for souls.  But the big question is what to select? A lot of people have been putting the codex down, but I think that they still have a lot to offer, moving the Razorwing Jetfighter to fast attack was genius and loosing Vect was horrendous.  One thing in my mind which has improved are the Grotesques, boy these guys were amazing in the last codex but now you don't have to worry about them rampaging off the board when loosing their escort HQ and also having instant death on a wound roll off 6, surely these are a must have elite choice.

Then I saw this post on Belloflostsouls Haemonculus Coven Supplement overview and this paragraph which brings back the chance to make them better when fielded with Rakarth.

"First is the Grotesqueries, which consists of Urien Rakarth or 1 Haemonculus and 2 units of Grotesques. The detachment has the Freakish Spectacle rule, as well as the Latest Experiments rule, which allows the grotesques to roll on a table at the same time Warlord Traits are determined. Based on the roll, the grotesques will get +1 Strength, +1 Toughness, Fleet, Shred, Rage, or Feel No Pain (4+) for the entirety of the game."

I feel like I might have to make another puchase of 10 Skaven Rat ogres and the Haemonculus Coven Supplement, this could get expensive, Blog Wars here we come :)

Monday 27 October 2014

How awesome is this Dark Eldar Armies on Parade

Please share this to everyone it's awesome "Stargate Atlantis anyone" created by James Taro for Armies on Parade 2014 GW Woking and more images can be seen here 

Saturday 25 October 2014

Armies on Parade GW Bolton 2014

I'm up against some stiff competition with 10 entries and votes are being counted at 4pm I've got my fingers crossed :)

I'll update this post with results and further information.

Tim Ryder's 2nd place Blood Angels
(P.S. Tim laser cut my landing pad and 2' board section, thanks mate)

Mark's Blood Angels

Ryan Waite's joint 3rd place Deamons of Chaos
(P.S. our host for the day, cheers Ryan for a great day)

Adam Ryan's Eldar

Adam's Imperial Guard
(P.S. Adam is only 8, one to watch for the future)

 ?'s LOTR

Liam Ainscough's (me) 1st place Farsight Enclave

Ethan Kay's Ogre Kingdoms

Chris Gough's Orks
(P.S. Chris has only been painting for 3 weeks, well done mate)

Peter Brannan's joint 3rd place Tau

Friday 24 October 2014

Model making the "Star Wars" way

WOW must see, 140 images of behind the scenes of the original Star Wars trilogy model making team and how they were made (thanks for sharing) - they are god like in my eyes :) link

Monday 20 October 2014

Farsight Enclave - Fire Warriors Teams for Armies on Parade

5 days to go for the Armies on Parade and a good time to showcase my newly painted units of Farsight Enclave Fire Warriors.  I think I have bitten off more then I can chew time scale wise, hence these are not my best painted troops.  I think they will do just fine though and hopefully people wont be looking at the troops, they'll be concentrating and everything else :)  Also the observant of you may have spotted a sneak peak of project "Y".

Saturday 11 October 2014

Tau Pre Battle shots

Only two weeks to go for Games Workshop's Armies on Parade day and I thought I would share a couple of pre battle images of my Farsight Enclave.  I still have project Y to finish, 20 Firewarriors and Farsight himself but so far so good.  The battle shots where taken at my friends Bens house and after my Tau beating his Imperial guard, he asked me to takes on his Necrons, and between you and me I have never beaten Ben's competitive list.  This was a big test for my Tau and the start did not go my way.  I had completely forgotten about The Stormlord stealing the initiative on 4+ and guess what?  He stole the initiative with all my front line just outside his 24" weapon range.  He moved his army forward and gave me a bit of a mullering, Do'h.  

Live and learn I won't be doing that again :) but as it turns out it made the game closer and more fun.  At the end of the day after the smoke had cleared, it turned out I had broken my duck and for the first time in 4 years I had beat the Necrons into the ground.  Good times and a long time coming, it just goes to show how the Tau have come a long way in the the past 18 months, especially with the introduction of the new Forge world figures, lucking forward to fielding the new flying Riptide :)

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Who remembers the Crusader Robot? and MORE new stuff from Forge World.

Wow is it me or has Forge World gone stella? The continuing success of Horus Heresy 30K is obviously ploughing money back into the development of a boat load of new stuff, just take a look at this weeks releases, and another new awesome knight to boot. Keep it up FW I'm loving it.