Tuesday 30 September 2014

Showcase Urien Rakarth the saviour of the Dark Eldar

With the soon demise of Asdrubael Vect and Baron Sathonyx from the Dark Eldar Codex is Urien Rakarth the number one contender for named Characters in tournaments?  I think so but I have yet to see how much he buffs the army :) what do the other Dark Eldar players think?

Monday 29 September 2014

New Forge World images showing the Y'vahra and the Imperial Knights scales

A bit of a change from the demoralizing rumours that is the Dark Eldar - look what I found in my in box, another image of the Y'vahra and he looks bigger then I thought. Cooooool! 

Sunday 28 September 2014

The Dark Eldar Codex and the new Paper Airplane

Due to the many rumors going around the passed few days it's very difficult to figure out will be going on with the Dark Eldar codex, but one way to get round that is to buy the damn thing and suck it and see.  I know one thing I wont start spending what limited funds I have on the new shiny before I read the codex, including the new Voidraven Bomber.  £48 is an extortionate amount of money for potentially a paper airplane.  It's rumored to have AV 10/10/10 and when fully loaded the same points as a Landraider while more expensive to purchase "not good in my opinion".  True it might have some awesome and considerable amount of firepower but it matters not if it gets shot out of the sky by any intercept volley fire as soon as it arrives, which will happen due to it being a center piece model and a considerable threat if left alone.

Other rumors I have found bewildering and others I am looking forward to field.  No Vect !? What are you mad?  It has been rumored that it will be in a supplement codex, but come on that hasn't happened in other codices, again not happy.  But positives are the Razorwing Jetfighter moving to Fast attack opening up a slot in Heavy support  for either another Ravager, Voidraven bomber (if it's good) but what's really interesting is fielding up to 3 Cronos and Talos Pain engines with feel no pain in one unit ++ :) 

But all these are rumors and I've already pre-ordered my codex I'll just have to wait and see :) 

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Showcase XV104 Riptide

With armies on Parade looming I thought I would showcase one of my Riptides, I've selected it because I think it's is my favorite pose, it show off the thrust flames coming from his jet pack and another Tau holographic public information station, painted using my "Blue glow effect - Airbrush tutorial in 3 easy steps." I hope it's well liked and as usual comments are welcome :)

Monday 22 September 2014

The New Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber

Look whats hit the web thanks to talkwargaming.  Oh baby for such a cool model I hope the stats are better to warrant me purchasing a new flyer :)

Is it just me? But when ever I play, paint or see new cool Dark Eldar stuff all I want to do is watch Stargate Atlantis, bring on the cull :)

Blast from the past part 1 - Dark Angels Grand Master Azrael

Years ago in 2007 when I was short of funds for my plastic crack addiction, I started painting all my old unwanted models to sell on ebay.  Azrael was my first attempt at pushing my boundaries of painting just to sell.  Unfortunately at heart I'm a speed painter and I have a very short attention span and find it very difficult to spend all that time on one small figure, as time went by and the more figures I attempted to paint, the more I slipped back into speed painting mode, which obviously reduced the quality of the paint job so after a couple of months I gave it up.  So in the end to save money I gave up drinking beer, saved a fortune, lost loads of weight and everything I painted I kept win win win :)      

To see my other sold items you can visit my "coolminiornot" homepage and give them a vote if you so fancy :)

This post is dedicated to Dave Western to inspire him to push on and finish his Dark Angel army which have been on the go for about 3 - 10 years and we have still never had a game with them :)

Sunday 21 September 2014

"The good, the bad, the ugly and the not bothered!" Tau Riptides and Hobby season to do list

I've gone a bit post crazy these passed 5 day, so I thought I would add one more little post before I go back to University tomorrow.  Hobby season to do list - 4 Riptides done and next on the to do list two units of Firewarriors and project Y.

Saturday 20 September 2014

They're here!

They flew in last night and just look at the image of the new codex, sooooo excited about having a new model for Vect and finally the voidraven bomber, prediction are it could look a little like this:-  "nice kit bash by the way."

Friday 19 September 2014

Baron Sathonyx going going gone.....

That's it just three weeks or so and if the rumors are true the Baron will go the way of the Dodo.  Is this Games Workshops Mantra?  To get rid of the last of the cheap unique characters that are not worth creating models. I think this will be a big shame, because these characters let people like me convert and play around with ideas and kit bashing, are Games workshop destroying the creative side of our hobby, whats your thoughts?  Anyway what ever their reasoning I hope you enjoy my showcase. 

Thursday 18 September 2014

Blog Wars 8 - My Dark Eldar are coming out of retirement!

I have booked my ticket to "Blog Wars 8" this November "From the Fang", but I wont be able to take my Tau, no Forge World models :(

But it does mean I'll get to dust off my Dark Eldar, once I buy the new Codex, write a new list from said codex "without the Baron :( " and have a few practice games.  Obviously I will have to complete Armies on Parade first.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

“Where’s the goddamn beacon? Oh. I see it.” Tau Skyshield landing pad

I finished my Tau Skyshield this morning by adding some weathering effects and adding the blue glow effect, I have been a little sneaky I have bought a pack of very light blue paper and I have glued them behind the vents were the light will emanate, because I have placed blue fairy lights inside and the paper diffuses the overall brightness, unfortunately my flash on my camera is stronger then the LED's so you can't see them, but it looks good in the dark :)

More posts to come on how it was made and the concept behind it.


This is my original Imperial Skyshield landing pad painted about 5 to 6 years ago when they first came out, note :- Its still not finished Oh well my new one is :)

That's a big tick off my to do list :)

Monday 15 September 2014

Stay on target...Armies on Parade - Tau Skyshield landing pad WIP

A sneak peak of my Armies on Parade project X (WIP) and one of my painted Riptides and yes I know it's a rubbish photo, I have to leave you wanting more :)

Saturday 13 September 2014

The New Tau XV109 Y'vahra - A "Flying Monstrous Creature" or not?

Shas'Saal Samuraties at Advanced Tau Tactica has been good enough to post loads of images of his new purchase, the new XV109 Y'vahra from the Forge World European Open day.  As I am a massive fan of the Y'vahra and on seeing this image of the rear of the new Riptide variant and the size of the thrusters I just had to share.... 

What has come to light- First, the Y'vahra will be released in the next few months, I'm hopping for Christmas :) Second, the Y'vahra is not a close combat variant (understandably) :(  Third, confirmation on an Ion weapon and a flamer weapon (as if we didn't already know).  So open for debate is, why the huge over grown thrusters?  Could this be the first flying monstrous creature variant (please please please let it be this)? Could it have an extra long movement 4d6 for its jetpack move? Or just does it have hit and run? I for one know what I want and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new rules on Forge World's site and Christmas morning :)

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Blue glow effect - Airbrush tutorial in 3 easy steps

I have been asked to do a tutorial on how I get my blue glow effect on my Tau figures and through the passed 8 months I have been on a journey, not just writing this blog but also learning new techniques and skills, Airbrushing being one of them.  So on that note please remember I am still learning and developing my airbrushing skills and this is my easy 3 step to airbrushing a blue glow effect:-

Step 0 - Your figure/model must be complete including weathering effect, damage and decals, because light will effect everything.

Step 1 - I used watered down Citadel Colour "Ultramarine Blue" but the new "Altdorf Guard blue" will do just the same.  I applied the colour using an airbrush, very finely building it up in layers and fading the colour to the outside edge where I wanted the light to effect to stop.

Step 2 - Once completely dry I used watered down Citadel Colour "Ice Blue" but the new "Lothern blue" will do just the same.  Application is the same as above just try and keep it smaller so the darker blue can be seen.

Step 3 - This last step doesn't involve the airbrush, I applied watered down Citadel Dry "Etherium Blue" I know it's a strange selection as Citadel Dry is for dry brushing, but once watered down to a milk consistency it worked really well, apply the mix in all the recessed areas and to get a nice vibrant colour you can apply two coats or even a splash of white into the mix, but for me recently I have been avoiding a pure white in the centre of light sources, it just seems to loose the colour and effect. 

In the end on my finished Riptide shields I decided to change the blue glow effect around the red part the the Farsight emblem because I thought it looked cleaner painted plain red, but I had already taken all the images for this tutorial, as you will see when I post all four of my Riptides in the coming weeks.  Well I hope that this has been a helpful tip for everyone new to airbrushing, good luck and happy airbrushing :)

Wednesday 3 September 2014

The New Tau XV109 Y'vahra from Forgeworld

I've just found my Christmas present to my self, exactly 1 hour after writing my To do list stating "I will not give GW all my money", well that didn't last long did it!

The XV109 Y'vahra looks amazing a cross between a Riptide and a XV9 armed with a Pulse submission cannon variant and a super heavy flamer hopefully with the torrent special rule.... Available at the Forge World European Open Day this Saturday http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Events/FWeuro-openday.html bring it on.

The 2014/15 Hobby Season Alumni

I have been invited to take part in my good friend Dave's "Hobby Season To Do List" sorry it's a bit late I've been away with no free WiFi :( 

 I have had a good 12 months - finished my Nurgle Space Marine army. 

Entered it into Throne of Skulls and won an award or two.  

Painted the Forge world Avatar for my friends 40th birthday and I'm also half way through painting my Tau Farsight Enclave army for the next Throne of Skulls.

I have my work cut out for me if I am to beat that year, that said lets get started on my to do list for 2014/15:-

1.  Enter Armies on Parade in October as goaded by Dave.
2.  Finish project X for Armies on Parade, not stolen the idea from Dave.... honest.
3.  Finish project Y for Armies on Parade....
4.  Paint Commander Farsight.
5.  Paint a Tau Battlesuit Commander or two.
6.  Paint 4 Tau Riptides.
7.  Paint 2 units of Tau Fire warriors.
8.  Paint a Tau Hammerhead gunship.
9.  Enter Throne of Skulls with my Tau Farsight Enclave Army and get one player vote with my ultra competitive list and get nominated for best army. (no pressure).
10.  Complete my Dark Eldar Tantalus which has been in the loft for 2 years.
11.  Paint the last of my 10 Dark Eldar Incubi.
12.  Paint Dark Eldar Drazhar and Lelith Hersperax.
13.  Paint my last Dark Eldar Venom.
14.  Start painting my Vampire Counts Army which has also been in the loft for 2 years.
15.  Outside chance of this happening but... to have one 4000pts WFB army painted, either Bretonnia or Vampire Counts.
16.  Not to give Games Workshop all my money and also to resist buying Nagash,but he looks so good.  
17. And lastly but most important ....Not to get divorced as I have just realised how much I have to paint :)

That's my list and it seems I will have a very busy 6 weeks ahead of me including moving house, I'll just have to take it one item at a time and cherry pick what would look best for Armies on Parade, because they will not all get done in time, but they all need doing anyway.

Good luck to every one taking part, I know I'm going to need it :)