Wednesday 22 January 2014

Tau Riptide and Broadside, WIP images.

I'm sorry if I keep going on about Riptides but they are so distracting, don't they know I have Nurgle stuff to paint.  Anyway I don't want to rush the paint jobs so for now they have all been glued together, except arms, legs and torsos have been left separate to make it easier to airbrush. That's right folks I might just decide to learn how to do airbrushing probably and not just use it for undercoating.  So if you never see these again you'll know they have gone horribly wrong :)

*** What's over there ***

*** Oh yeah ***

*** WHERE ***

*** Oh for crying out loud OVER THERE ***

Monday 20 January 2014

Lord of Skulls conversion, WIP images.

As promised - this week I give you my Lord of Skulls Conversion, warts and all.  The build isn't completed and has been troublesome, but I am fairly happy so far.  Although it is true that the feet are a little to big and even though both arms have been extended, they still look a little short, plus the head is to small.  But apart from that, I'm fairly happy :)

The main problem I had with this build was not to copy any other conversion I had seen on the web, their are some fantastic conversions out their and great ideas, some easy and effective and some elaborate builds, but I wanted to keep it simple but put my own stamp on it.  Hopefully someone else will like it. 

Side view with the axe trailing behind waiting for the fatal death blow.  As you can see the wrist has been extended by almost 2cm.

Early on in the build, when the legs were coming together it was apparent that he needed something on his back, so I moved the two central exhausts forwards and moulded the tank onto his back so not to look too out of place and bolted on, as an afterthought.

As the right wrist was extended so must the left gun arm, first I cut the lower arm off at the elbow and glued it back straight, hoping it would make it long enough but it wasn't, so I inserted the spare exhausts into the gun, I think they look like cool plasma vents.  I added some additional pipes and wires and hey presto their we have it.

Rear shot, not fully complete and you can see them big feet of his. 

Dynamic falling forward pose :)

So their we have it, I have 6 weeks to paint 30 Zombie cultists a Daemon Prince and my Lord of Skulls, no pressure then.....  If only I could leave my Riptides alone.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Nurgle Chaos Spawn conversion pt 2.

Happy new year to all, sorry it's been a while, I've had my converting head on and found no time for blogging :(  I'll endeavour to create regular post in 2014, that could be my new years resolution.

I mentioned converting didn't I, so not only have I converted/created my own Nurgle Spawns, but I'm also in the middle of creating a walking Lord of Skulls and from the remaining track section a chaos Fell Blade similar to the Horus Heresy era, the latter is just bare bones but the Lord of Skulls is almost fully constructed and will be posted next week.  I've also started the ball rolling for Novembers Throne of Skulls tournament were I hope to be taking Tau and I have already converted 3 Riptides, primarily I have altered the shields slightly to emulate the Farsight Enclave and given each one a new and individual head about 3 times the original size to bring the head back into proportion to the rest of the model, which I absolutely love by the way and I think could be one of my all time favourite models, hence why I have 3.

In the mean time I have more WIP images of my Chaos Spawns or (Maggoty-grub-leech-thingy) or (it's a bit spiky) or (I need a plaster).  I'm very pleased with 4 of the 5 Spawns but not so sure about the main head from the Dark Elf Kharibdyss kit, it doesn't seem to fit with the fly and maggot theme, but it could be useful for the Chaos Boon table.  All thoughts and comments welcome.

The spikes are from the Dark Eldar Raider kits and I used 150 in total (not counting the 10 or so that pinged off in random directions in the living room, never to be seen again, until I'm bare foot).  Each spike has been recessed into the body of the spawn, extremely time consuming but worth it I feel.  I did consider giving them armour plates on their back like the Plague Drones and I also considered basing this conversion around the Plague Drones but after watching Deadly 60 with my son, were it showed a Burrowing Botfly that grow in the camera mans scalp (fantastic and gross at the same time) it had to be spikes!