Sunday 19 April 2020

Making an Alternative Vampire Blood Bowl Team pt1 - Vampires

Many, many years ago I use to play Dungeon Bowl which in my opinion was a better game than Blood Bowl, but unfortunately there is no release for it, so I will have to stick with Blood Bowl as I am abstaining from 40K.  I also wanted a conversion / kit bashing project, so I decided on a team based around the Brides of Dracula and I think I found the perfect candidates as the basic form; Myrmourn Banshees.

As the heads of the Myrmourn Banshees are ghost like visages with vials, I decided to cut them off and create my own female Vampire heads. I used spare heads from the Dark Eldar sorry Drukhari Wyches and attached the hair from Daughters of Khaine Doomfire Warlocks.

Now I just needed to blend the hair to the head and create breasts to fill the gap in the metal chest armour/basque.

I included this one for a laugh, I accidentally selected a Dark Elder Male head (I wasn't wearing my glasses) and I only noticed the next day when he/she was finished oops 

I was originally goinf to paint all different colours of hair but I just like the red as in contrast against the blue green of the clothing and the green vines on the base.  To be honest I got carried away.

OK they are finished very easy to paint and fairly easy to convert, to create a unique looking vampire team.  I know it's not a traditional style of Blood Bowl team but who wants to be traditional :)

Wednesday 8 April 2020

What do you do during lock down - Blog and Paint baby

Well once again I have been away from my blogging responsibilities due to my lack of enthusiasm for 40K.  Do not despair I have been keeping myself busy with 5 different ways to play games with my friends and an excuse to paint figures. 

Here is a snap shot projects undertaken and posts to come over the next few weeks and months:-

Blackstone Fortress

Bloodbowl Vampire and Werewolf team

Lord of the Rings Battle companies

Adeptus Titanicus