Thursday 11 October 2018

Khorne Armiger Warglaives WIP

It's been a while and I've been a little busy.  I used GW's Crypt Horrors as inspiration for my daemonic possessed Armiger Warglaives and I thought I would do a few step by step images of how I created them.

First I wanted to have all the legs in different posses, so I cut up each set and re-positioned them. 

I also included daemonic claws on two out of the three sets.

I used cocktail sticks, spru and guitar strings to create the basic frame. 

Then I started to use layers of milliput and green stuff building them up over several days.  I choose green stuff on the back bones as I thought they would be fragile if made from Milliput, green stuff has bend-ability :)

I intend to create the weapons and aromour similar to Forge World's Gal Vorbaks, I'll post more images soon. 

Post a comment if you like :) 

Monday 13 August 2018

Renegade Knights / The Terrible Twosome

Well it has been a while but as promised I thought is was time to showcase my Renegade Knights.  I hope you like, please feel free to post any comments or questions, enjoy :)

I entered these guys into the Facebook Warhammer Community monthly painting competition, not expecting to get anywhere as some of the entries are golden demon winners.  I was very suprised that I came first and I'm still in shock now - maybe I won because of my conversions or maybe I cheated because I entered two in one image :)

They also spelt my name wrong, I've been called worse :)

I also thought I would do a little sneaky peak on how my House Terryn Imperial Knight is coming along.  Its been a long time painting this guy and I'm still going, OMG I miss speed painting lol :)

Monday 6 August 2018

Blast from the past - Defiler / Mini Brass Scorpions

I thought I would share some old images I found of my Defiler Brass Scorpions.  My only regret is that I didn't take any WIP images, but it was back in the day before blogging and sharing all the cool things we create.  The armour is 40mm waste pipe with 3mm plasticard trim.  I hope you like :)

Thursday 24 May 2018

Do Good Bases Maketh the Man or Woman?

Today I wanted to discuss bases, particularly is it worth the "time and effort"?  Over the years I have painted many models or figures that I have spent more time on the base rather than the model.  It is my humble opinion that if your have the time and inclination that a good base can be used to promote not just your hobby ability but the model itself.  The base can be used to tell a narrative or create an atmosphere placing the model in a scene.  

I am currently working towards a Imperial Knight Army and what better way to tell a narrative than a severed head at the models feet.  Having said all that about narrative and time and effort, and after seeing some fantastic bases at Golden Demon 2 weeks ago.   I came to the conclusion that maybe I need to spent more time on my bases to add the little details that help to create a scene.  I often go for a central piece of titillation.  I think in future I should add more to the whole base, but then I can run the risk of the base being the main attraction while the model could be lost or secondary to the latter.  I'm interested to hear your opinions.....  

And while you think it over here is a selection of bases I have created over the years:-

Monday 14 May 2018

GT final at Warhammer fest

Fresh back from Games Workshops GT final, I thought I would through some images together and share my thoughts on the event.  Thanks to Ben for convincing me to go and I'm only sorry Dave and Otty where not there.

I have to be honest I was not expecting to have a great time, as I am not the best gamer in the world and I would be playing against some seriously competitive players.  Also the venue did not interest me either, Warhammer World fills me with a school boy joy every time I go there.  Having said that, I played 5 different armies and each game was fun to play against even though I lost 4 out of 5 and I got tabled 3 times.  My enjoyment mostly was due to my opponents being cool and very friendly, they all played hard and played to win which is to be expected at a tournament final.  So a big shout out to my opponents; 

Game 1 Simon and his Custodes
Game 2 Craig and his Ultra Marines
Game 3 Jo and his Imperial Knights
Game 4 Ash and his Tau
Game 5 Brett and his Astra Militarum 

Each of the players I meet I would be very happy to play against again.  I also have to mention that Craig, Jo (Golden Demon bronze winner) and I where nominated for best painted army so at times during the event our tables looked awesome and I think Warhammer TV missed out, lol :) 

Sorry its out of focus, lovely army though trust me. 

I also entered my Khorne Renegade Knight into Golden Demon which in hindsight was a little foolish as the paint job on it was not Golden Demon level put i thought while I'm here why not but looking at the other enteries it was clear I didn't stand a chance maybe next time I will spend more time painting something just for Golden demon :)


Congratulations to Morgan who won the event with his awesome Orks.  I also would like to say a shout out to some old and new friends who I have meet over the years at Warhammer World; Henry I have know idea why your army was not selected your Crimson Fist army was amazing and if anybody took some images please feel free to post on this blog. Mike unlucky bud we really need a new codex for Imperial Knights and Tom keep plugging away at those paints mate :)  

We got there a little early

The main event does not start until Saturday morning

My entrance for best painted army

Well blow me down with a feather I've waited years to win "Best Painted Army" and I only go and do at the GT final, I was truly shocked as there was some amazing armies in the cabinets, I also won Hero of Legend and Icon of Legend.  I think the three months converting and painting my Nurgle Knight paid off.


For me my hobby skills has increased due to greater contact with more people and experiences, I am lucky enough to have 4 very good friends who love playing but also they love to convert and paint with ever increasing skills, this pushes us all to up our game and we are all striving to improve our selves as hobby artists.  Once you add hundreds of people who are like minded and want to improve it can only add to our own knowledge base.  My ex tutor once said to me "you can be the best painter in the world but if you never exhibit anything, who will ever know?"   

Cool outfit mate, who's your tailor? 

Thursday 3 May 2018

Nurgle Imperial Knight pt6 (complete)

Well it took some doing between 4 - 6 weeks, but it is finally finished and I am a week early for the GT final.  This got me thinking: 15 years ago when I got back into gaming I remember wanting to game quick and I painted 16 Crises Suits and 90 Fire Warriors in about the same amount of time it has taken me to create this.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not made of money, I did not buy new, I bought them all on ebay for a steal and what ever condition they were in for the right price (cheap) and I repainted and rebased them all.  It just goes to show that we game and paint sometimes out of necessity; either to full fill our need to roll dice or to let our creative juices flow through our creations..... But I am slowing down in my old age :)