Thursday 11 October 2018

Khorne Armiger Warglaives WIP

It's been a while and I've been a little busy.  I used GW's Crypt Horrors as inspiration for my daemonic possessed Armiger Warglaives and I thought I would do a few step by step images of how I created them.

First I wanted to have all the legs in different posses, so I cut up each set and re-positioned them. 

I also included daemonic claws on two out of the three sets.

I used cocktail sticks, spru and guitar strings to create the basic frame. 

Then I started to use layers of milliput and green stuff building them up over several days.  I choose green stuff on the back bones as I thought they would be fragile if made from Milliput, green stuff has bend-ability :)

I intend to create the weapons and aromour similar to Forge World's Gal Vorbaks, I'll post more images soon. 

Post a comment if you like :)