Friday 24 February 2017

Birthday Bash 2.0 Event

A sneaky peak of what's to come and with less than 24 hours to go until Dave and Pete's Birthday Bash 2.0 tournament, I'm getting nervous :)  I've only fought two games with this army and I'm at a 50% winning record, I got thrashed by Throne of Skulls tournament winner Scott Forrest's Eldar and only just managed to beat Ben's Nercons 9-8 on VP's, but it was the first time I had beaten Necrons in years, so that was a plus.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow so that means no sleep for me tonight, in the mean time I hope you enjoy the image or my two Mini Brass Scorpions (Defilers), Chaos Knight of Khorne and Bloodthirster, although you can only see his wings :)

Friday 27 January 2017

Daemon Knight of Khorne - Chaos Knight Conversion - Painting Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of painting my Daemon Knight of Khorne.  So far I have managed to undercoat the main body of the Knight and almost finish the pauldrons, I just need to highlight the black claws and horns.  Not long to go and I'm running out of time.  What do you think?  

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Daemon Knight of Khorne - Chaos Knight Conversion - Painting Part 1

With just over four weeks before Dave's "Birthday Bash" tournament there is no time to loose, I started painting the carapace armour of the Daemon Knight, well it would be rude not too.  

Very early on in the painting process I had a dilemma, do I apply paint chipping and rust effects using common table salt and an airbrush, which I used on my miniature Brass Scorpion Defilers, and after some consideration I decided against it, as the area involved is so small with lots of other detail around it, the rust effects could detract from that details - but did I make the right decision? 

Thursday 19 January 2017

Daemon Knight of Khorne - Chaos Knight Conversion

This is the new Daemon Knight of Khorne from Forge World.... I wish, it would have saved me weeks of work :)  I've been very busy of late and not had much opportunity to do any of my modelling, but I was invited to my friends Dave W from Confessions of a 40K Addict "Birthday Bash" Tournament at WarGames in Southport (there are still a few tickets left by the way), which inspired me to do two things, start blogging again and to do something special for the event over the Christmas period and it's finally sculpted, all I have to do now is paint it in 4 weeks.... easy as eating cherry pie, Urmmm, no because my leisure time is over D'oh, I just hope I can finish in time.

The astute of you will notice that I have based my creation on the stance of on one of the Word Bearers Legion Gal Vorbak and the spine on the Crypt Horrors:-

If you like it please leave a comment I would love to here your thoughts.