Monday 22 September 2014

Blast from the past part 1 - Dark Angels Grand Master Azrael

Years ago in 2007 when I was short of funds for my plastic crack addiction, I started painting all my old unwanted models to sell on ebay.  Azrael was my first attempt at pushing my boundaries of painting just to sell.  Unfortunately at heart I'm a speed painter and I have a very short attention span and find it very difficult to spend all that time on one small figure, as time went by and the more figures I attempted to paint, the more I slipped back into speed painting mode, which obviously reduced the quality of the paint job so after a couple of months I gave it up.  So in the end to save money I gave up drinking beer, saved a fortune, lost loads of weight and everything I painted I kept win win win :)      

To see my other sold items you can visit my "coolminiornot" homepage and give them a vote if you so fancy :)

This post is dedicated to Dave Western to inspire him to push on and finish his Dark Angel army which have been on the go for about 3 - 10 years and we have still never had a game with them :)

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