Saturday 25 October 2014

Armies on Parade GW Bolton 2014

I'm up against some stiff competition with 10 entries and votes are being counted at 4pm I've got my fingers crossed :)

I'll update this post with results and further information.

Tim Ryder's 2nd place Blood Angels
(P.S. Tim laser cut my landing pad and 2' board section, thanks mate)

Mark's Blood Angels

Ryan Waite's joint 3rd place Deamons of Chaos
(P.S. our host for the day, cheers Ryan for a great day)

Adam Ryan's Eldar

Adam's Imperial Guard
(P.S. Adam is only 8, one to watch for the future)

 ?'s LOTR

Liam Ainscough's (me) 1st place Farsight Enclave

Ethan Kay's Ogre Kingdoms

Chris Gough's Orks
(P.S. Chris has only been painting for 3 weeks, well done mate)

Peter Brannan's joint 3rd place Tau

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