Sunday, 23 May 2021

Indomitus - Painting Necrons Blackstone Fortress Style pt6 Night Scythe "my way" - Cylon Raider


Welcome back to my Necron speed painting challenge, this week Night Scythe and confession time once again.  This is another model by GW that I love but hate, I love the shape of it and the idea, as a massive Battlestar Galactica fan 1978 and 2006 revamp, the night Scythe reminds me of the revamp Cylon Raider.  And just like BG I see Necron's as AI's placed in machines, so why would you need to place a pilot into a fighter, surely download a consciousness into the machine or construct - just le the Doom Stalker and such.  So the pilot had to go....

Just an army update - it is coming on nicely, I need ten more Necron warriors and the new flayed ones, then I'll be getting close to 2000pts

I bought / recycled a Night Scythe from Ebay for £25 and I had a spare Canoptek Reanimator I was never going to paint, time to kit bash.  

My plan was to rip out the pilot, straighten the edges and place the spine from Canoptek Reanimator a quick simple conversion.  yes.... I know it is an extra expense but in my opinion it was worth every penny :) 

As you can see he has been painted in the exact same way as the Skorpekh Destroyers, you have got to keep the theme :)

I have used the Necromunda base tiles for the main part of the base with added stuff from my spare bits box - kids never through anything away, you never know when it will come in handy (I'm sure my 40k hobby has made me into a hoarder) :)

I couldn't help my self, I'm a weak minded fool when it comes to the new shiny shiny :)

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