Friday 30 April 2021

Indomitus - Painting Necrons Blackstone Fortress Style pt2.5 Skorpekh Destroyers

Following on from the previous post on my Necrons, I realised I hadn't included how the bases have been finished, and, keeping with essence of the speed painting project, I decided to use metallic paints and dry brushing. 

When it comes to basing I am a big fan of batch painting, especially if I'm using my airbrush.  the time it takes to get all the paints and airbrush ready you may as well paint 40 to 60 bases then just 5 to 10, this way the colours will match and so will the style of dry brushing.  

All the bases have been undercoated with a grey primer then I airbrushed sections with Mournfang Brown and VX-88.  Then I hand painted the gold sections and dry brushed the other areas with Leadbelcher.  I gave everything a ink wash with Agrax Earthshade.  Finally, I edge highlighted with Stormhost Silver and added Nihilakh Oxide to parts of the gold and highlighted with Gauss Blaster Green.  Quick simple and effective.

I had also pre planned all the bases I would need and bought Necromunda, Sector Imperialis and Mechanicum bases.  The reason being that multiple units would have it's own base type. i.e.  each unit of 10 Necron warriors would have its own type of base, and therefore no need for any squad identification markings as I wanted the all to be the same.  Also you will note throughout these Necron posts all bigger models would have their own bespoke bases, as I am basicallly cheating on the standard smaller troops I thought it would counter act the standardisation.

I loved these models so much that I bought a second set and followed the same process including giving each one their own unique base. 

Sneak peak of things to come in the next few weeks  - a converted Imperial Fists Primaris Centurion.