Monday 25 April 2022

Speed Painting Lord of the Rings Battle companies pt4

Following on from my earlier posts on Battle Companies I thought I would update you guys on what I have been up to with two more Battle Companies, as it turns out I picked two very good lists.

So to start with I painted a couple of plastic Dead of Dunharrow and I saw that they could get cavalry, so I thought I would convert a couple of guys for my army considering how good cavalry was.  

Otty kindly donated me some spare plastic horses and with a bit of green stuff I had my fighting force and some back up additional forces.  I was so looking forward to using them, but it turns out another friend of ours Scott wanted to play so I gave him these to start with its only a couple of figures and it only took a couple of days to convert and paint.

So far I'm three for zero so I really needed a force I needed to use urgently and as I had orcs on foot for my Warg riders and they are painted I thought about the forces of Angmar I just needed to add green washes and I would ultimately want some Barrow-Wights.  Time to convert some more figures. 

This one was easy but it is only an average conversion, I used an orc head to a Last Alliance Elf and added hair and painted a Númenor with sword and shield with a aging with a pin vice.

Once again I had made some conversions and speed painted two forces in a week.  I am loving this quick turn around of stuff.  But, it is not getting me through my pile of shame if I keep making more stuff to paint, luckily I'm not buying anything new I'm making do with what I have and hand-me-downs, for now anyway :)

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