Friday 15 April 2022

Speed Painting Lord of the Rings Battle companies pt3

Following on from my earlier posts on Battle Companies I thought I would update you guys on what I have been up to with two more Battle Companies, well one and a half  I just painted a couple of characters for my Hunter Orc Army.

So for those of you in the know this is the basic model count when starting a battle company, which is what attracted me to this set of rules, it is a quick way to start playing games.  And me being me I had to go out and buy my favorite models to paint because 'why not'.  Firstly I had to buy Azog because he is cool and no you cannot have Azog in a battle company when starting out, but he makes for a cool General and I can use him when I use my full Azog's hunters list.  

Just like the previous post they have been speed painted using the GW Contrast paints and a quick dry brush, I cannot praise this technique enough if you want a table top standard army and fast, it is the best way especially if your batch painting, because the Contrast paints can take longer to dry.

It was also a nice change to use silver and gold paint, I have been using the NMM technique for so long I forgot how fast it is to paint armour lol :) 

So you have seen the evil side but for our mini tournament it was mentioned that we all needed a good side too.  I went with Rangers of the North for the low model count you only need 4, I also painted the dead warrior as a Ranger on the Wild Warg Chieftain character.   Now I'm going to revisit the reason for this army selection and say that there was only one reason for this selection, before buying and painting I did not know or look at the rules, because OMG they are so over powered.  We had 5 games and they won them all and so over powered I went out and bought more.

I even bought some characters on ebay for dirt cheap and because they where cheap I speed painted them so they fitted with the rest of the army.

After the 6th game it was apparent that no other battle company could come any where close to beating them and I was politely asked to shelve them - how rude... :)  But it was the right thing to do, where's the fun in trying to win an un-winable game.  

I've included a couple of gaming shots because low and behold the same thing happened to my Azogs hunters company, it turns out that having your whole battle company mounted is also too good and they where also shelved.....

Next time two more armies, this is starting to get a bit more expensive then I first thought but I am enjoying speed painting and the battle companies playing system is ace and a lot of fun, you don't mind loosing a game because it is not really a loss because everyone gains.  I'm having a blast and I love it.