Sunday 16 February 2014

Warlord Titan, Part 1 - The WIP shots

The time has come, I now have run out space and with the imminent release of the Imperial Knights codex it could be a good time to clear the decks and make space.  But what do you do? how do you choose? It's like picking one of your children to be given away never to seen again.  How does it make you feel when you have to give up one of your favourite loved possessions?  Like ***t.  

In the end it had to be the biggest, he takes up so much space and I'm always afraid of damaging him or knocking him over.  It's been 3 great years with blood sweat and tears at the beginning, I almost lost my left thumb in making him (I've still not got 100% feeling back in it yet) but best of all he is undefeated in battle.

It's time for the big guy to be looked after by some else and long my he be undefeated.  but before he goes I just thought I would showcase some of the WIP shots before he gets ebay'd.

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