Tuesday 16 June 2015

Blast from my past, Ebay sales.

As some of you are aware I have been collection figures for some time now and there comes a time when you just need to let some stuff go to make room for the new shiny shiny and for the funds topay for it :)

After selling my Warlord Titan to Dave at Weemen, who I had the pleasure of finally meeting at Blog Wars 9, with a little help from Alex who organised another great tournament. It came to pass that the Imperial Knight was once again a top tier codex at the event and that got me thinking!  It also came to my knowledge that I have not played Apocalypse for some time and as these are primarily for the Apocalypse game,  by buying a Imperial Knight army they can be used for a standard game and Apocalypse it's a win win situation. 

So it's with some regret that I have decided to let these go, for another commander to take them into battle, I hope you like my auctions.  Good luck and happy bidding :)

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