Monday 4 May 2015

Grotesque commission

After a short time away from blogging I thought it was a good time to do a little showcasing and name  dropping.  It was at Blogwars 8 that the organiser Alex and I had a conversation regarding how crap, sorry I mean what little choice their was for the Dark Eldar player to field a 5 or 10 man Grotesque unit. Choosing 10 models which all look the same and for £15.50 each is not an option in my eyes and that is why I converted 10 Skaven Rat Ogres into Grotesques a couple of years ago  Which so happened to be on the board, being kicked into touch by Alex's awesome Thunderwolf Cavalry equipped with Thunder hammers Ooooch!  Even though the Grotesques where leaving the board in their handfulls Alex agreed and asked how I had made them and if I would make him 10 Grotesques for his long term Dark Eldar project.   

A couple of months later and some extensive raiding of our bits boxes, hey presto - we have another 10 Grotesques and all slightly unique.  Now I know what your thinking "so instead of converting 10 GW Grotesques you converted 2 types of Rat Ogres, would it not have been easier to convert the latter?" Probably! but they are so much bigger, cooler and more importantly CHEAPER :) 

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