Monday 28 July 2014

Tau R'varna "you have 20 seconds to comply"

Straight off the back of my Farsight Enclave Barracuda - I have been working on my second airbrush project, the Forgeworld R'varna, and I have to be honest here and say that when I first saw this model I wasn't that impressed, but the original experimental rules were fantastic with a potential of 6 haywire hits per shooting phase.  Nothing last for ever and FW realised it was a bit good and toned it down a bit, now that I have one and can field it in a ordinary 1500 point game I thought it about time to paint it and I have gone from not liking the model but liking the rules to loving the model and indifferent about the rules with regards to the guns, Oh and the pointy things at the end of the guns they had to go too.

Second airbrush model complete just a few more Riptides to go :)  anyway I hope you like it and any comments are welcome. 

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