Monday 31 March 2014

Throne of Skulls - Could this be the best looking Tyranid army

Well Throne of Skulls was a roaring success, 5 lads from a small town called Ormskirk in Lancashire, went to Warhammer World in Nottingham, had a blast and won a couple of awards, 8 in total with 3 or us being nominated for best painted army, Chris Otterburn, Dave Western and myself and Dave Western's Tyranids as seen on winning the award, congratulations Dave your army truly dominated the cabinets.  Although I didn't do too bad my self, nominated for best painted army, I also won the Scribes award (with my Khorne Helmet), best painted Beast (with my Nurgle Deamon Prince), best painted Engine award (with the Hellfly) and finally I won best Chaos Space Marine Player.

Dave Weston's Winning Tyranids

Chris Otterburn's Nids and my Chaos Space Marines, just happy to be nominated :)

One of the things that stood out over the weekend was being drawn against Dave's Tyranids on the second game, It stood out because on the journey down Dave asked me for a game on the Friday night before the tournament, I had to admit to Dave that I had been ignoring his calls for a game and I really didn't fancy fighting his nids because they give me the fear, "I'm not fighting you I'll get my ass kicked" was one of the things that came out my mouth, this went down really well and we didn't have 20 minutes of banter and name calling, mostly at my expense, honest :)

Now I'm not one for typing up battle reports generally because I cant remember what I had for breakfast never mind what happened on a turn by turn basis on a game I had last week :)  luckily for me Dave writes up all his games and it's worth a read.

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