Wednesday 16 October 2013

How to create your own Forge World Landspeeder Tempest Pt- 2

Welcome to part 2 and I have to confess that the plans may not be accurate and may need some tweaking but it will give a general idea of the shape.

The details added represent the love child of the Games Workshop's and the Forge World's Landspeeder, including Gull wing doors and the weapons are incorporated into the fuselage, which have been liberated from my bits box, they include a set of Predator Heavy Weapon side sponsons, two Terminator Cyclone missile launchers and two sets of assault cannons from the Dark Angels Ravenwing accessory pack.

What's not seen in all these images is the vertical fin underneath the engines and the engines themselves, which I used 20mm and 15mm pipes.  Oh... and can you spot the error in all four models, don't copy my mistake and put the spoiler on backwards.

I hope these images are helpful and you enjoy this project, as I said this was my first attempt of creating my own model from plasticard, 7 years on I have learned a lot but it's fun to go back to re-visit your roots and to share.


  1. Might be a long while since you posted it but man, this looks good and I'll have to try these plans out.

    1. Hi mate, thanks for the comment, yeah it was a very long time ago, I hope it goes well :)