Friday 5 April 2019

WIP Roboute Guilliman - with NMM Gold Armour pt3

Just a quick update on my progress with good old Rob, helmet, right arm and back pack done.  From the start of this project I have been conscious that I didn't want too much gold on the model, which is difficult as potentially all his armour could be gold.  That was why I decided to add the blue but also the white to the eagle wing tips and I almost did the same on his iron halo, but as you can see I went for gold instead.

What are your thoughts, did I make the right decision?


  1. Outstanding. I think the white feathers work well, and the Iron Halo is fine gold, but gets lost in the mass of gold? Perhaps exactly that, Iron Halo or alternatively a silver chrome effect, like an angelic Halo? Loving the pose of the legs, much more dynamic and less man-stride.

    1. Thanks mate, you know what, your probably right about the halo damn! :)

  2. Beautiful version of Robbie G!! great pose and paint scheme! love it!!

    Are you going for a 'flaming' sword?

  3. Damn! Even the posing is great. I would insert an 'I love gold' meme but you can't do it on blogger.