Thursday 28 March 2019

New Slaanesh Models - was the wait worth it?

It has been a long while since a model has stopped me in my tracks and left my dumb founded but GW's new Keeper of Secrets, for me, has knocked my for six.  I need to see it in the flesh but first impressions is it looks fantastic and great potential for conversions.  But the burning question is, will they release Fulgrim? 

I love this guy, it looks like I have found my new Slaanesh Daemon Prince. 

OMG it as if they read my mind but did a better job, I should hope so too.  It looks like I got the pose and the size right even though my Keeper of Secrets was converted all most 15 years ago, which I sold it on ebay some years later, I wonder where she is now?


  1. Excellent model but then so is yours! I don't think I'd have sold it had it been me.

  2. Thanks mate, I always sell stuff to create money and space for more plastic crack, but then I have to buy it all again lol :)

  3. The new model looks amazing- as does you version!