Thursday 18 April 2019

Renegade knights WIP images - and how they where made Part 2 Nurgle

Hi everybody, it has been a while since I started my mammoth task of creating a heavily converted Renegade Knight army.  So, I thought it was about time I showed my WIP images so you can see how exactly they where created, Welcome back to part 2 Nurgle.  

I know I have shown these images before but I thought I would collate them into this short series of posts, and now this project is complete I can look back and reflect on my previous comments.  

"I've wanted to do a Nurgle Knight for ages but I never got around to it, and the longer I left it the more and more models became available for conversion like the Glottkin Knight; and if I'm honest I almost did the conversion then I saw someone on ebay selling all the bits I needed from the Great Unclean One, and I thought it would make for an easier and less time consuming build (the jury was out on if it was quicker or not)" quoting my self from a previous post

That last comment is still an issue I cannot resolve is it easier to kit bash or to sculpt from scratch or under an underlying base model.  I will be approaching this subject again in the future, but for now; pros and cons, kit bashing vs new sculpts.

Kit bashing:-
Although you may have amazing plastic bits that will look good on a model the problem is that most of the time they do not fit, and we spend an enormous amount of time trying to get them to fit.  Then we need to make the join seamless, which at times can be another lengthy process of sculpting and modelling.

New scuplts:-
Right from the off you can create exactly what you want depending on skill and budget.  like most things in life if it's worth doing well take your time don't try and do it all in one go.  Create an under sculpt first so you can add or take away after.  most of my work days days or weeks.  Now I will interject with a disclaimer here and say "I do not consider myself to be a great sculptor or even a good sculptor, I just love doing it and like to consistently push myself and improve".  Now there may be people reading this thinking "yeah rubbish your better than me and I can never do that"... to this I would say, I thought that way too, but until you give it a go and are prepared to fail you will never learn and improve.  Don't get despondent with failure it is a good thing, it gives you time to reflect and consider "if I did it again how could I improve it".

So if we consider these facts I would say that kit basing is a little faster but sometimes we have to make compromises, and sculpting your own takes patience time and a little bit more kill.  So once you have mastered kit bashing then it will be time to move onto sculpting your own conversions. 

Generally Materials used:-
Milliput - White and Yellow Grey
Grey Stuff
Brown Stuff
Green Stuff
Spare bits from the Great Unclean One
Cocktail sticks


  1. That is an amazing job you did!

  2. A foul, bloated monstrosity. You are obviously favoured of Papa Nurgle. Some of the detail work is amazing. Did you use a dremel for those corrosive weathering effects on the armour?

    1. thanks mate, to be honest i used a standard drill with different sizes of bits :)

  3. Fantastic stuff once agani! I love the unique look off all your Knights, they seem to embrace the chaos god they are devoted to, rather than just a spiky looking Imperial Knight.

  4. thanks bud, yeah that's the plan, I'm hoping in the future they will have better rules for Chaos Knights dedicated to one of the Dark Gods :)