Thursday 20 February 2014

Warlord Titan, Part 3 - It comes in bits

I've had a little interest in how the Warlord Titan comes, i.e. is it whole or does it come apart?  Well from the offset I built this model for the intentions of gaming so for ease of transportation I designed it to come apart.  The head, arms, turbo Lasers, body and legs are all separate.  It will also mean that the winning bidder wont need to own a great big van :)  I am also considering and toying with the idea of postage, but finding suitable packaging or designing my own will be expensive not to mention expensive to post... but I am open to negotiation if people cant come and collect and are desperate to own a WARLORD TITAN.

The body slots on top of the legs.

I have used "4 x blue Lego Technical Axle connector pin splits" to attach the head.

The Turbo Lasers are attached by "2 x black Lego Technical connector pins" each and the left and
right arms I have used plumbing 40mm push fits with out the rubber seal.

It's on Ebay:-

And  Cool Mini or Not:-

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