Friday 14 February 2014

And now a bit of Fun.............Tau Aluminium Casting

Today we were experimenting with Aluminium casting and the previous night I had spent a good few hours creating a 10cm Tau Fire Warrior carved from blue compressed insulation foam or Styrofoam, it was harder then I thought but I perceived.  The method we were using is to create an item and compact that item in fine grade casting sand and pour the molten metal into the mold, let the aluminium evaporate the foam leaving a void for the aluminium to fill.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to create a metal figure now GW have stopped producing their own, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it I might us it as scenery a statue or a large scale hologram projecting the the message "for the greater good" on the battle field either way it was a lot of fun and I hope you like.

Tau Fire Warrior from the front.

Tau Fire Warrior from the back.

Tau Fire Warrior Straight out of the Mold.

Tau Fire Warrior after a bit of sand blasting.

As you can see I completely stole the form from Papah's fantastic sculpt of a 54mm Inquisitor figure 

The detail has lost a bit of sharpnes, but I'm hoping to tidy the sculpt up a bit and then experiment with a new type of rubber mold making (well new to me anyway) called Alginate and create some resin sculpts and then I'll be able to tidy it up further with some grey stuff.

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