Tuesday 25 February 2014

Warlord Battle Titan, Part 5 - Last day on eBay and time for some battle shots.

My Warlord is down to the last 24 hours on eBay, it's had 2729 page views in nine days and it's time for some battle shots..... stay on target.

As you can see from these images the Titan hadn't quite got it's full paint job, but the lads let me go against our "no unpainted figure on the board rule", since I had only put the slightest of effort in building it for the game :)  

It's first game was a roaring success, in it's first salvo, if memory serves, it killed a Hive Tyrant and it's Tyrant Guard along with 7 x Carnifexes (using the old Apocalypse rules).  At this point the lads were regretting letting me place it on the board.

It's at games like these I remember how much stuff I have acquired over the years and how much stuff I have scratch built.  I think I have a problem, I can't stop building and creating stuff, it is plastic crack and my wife says I need counselling but at least she lets me play out, I suppose it does gets me out the house :)

Sorry I couldn't resist the army shots, which includes 8 scratch built models, Warlord Battle Titan, Warhound Scout Titan, 2 x Imperial Knights, 2 x Ceastus Assault Rams and 2 x Imperial Navy Lightnings

Any way that's it for the Warlord, tomorrow it will belong to someone else and I hope they have as much fun as I did making it and destroying all it's opponents.  Farewell my friend you will be missed.

Good luck and happy bidding........


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