Monday 29 June 2020

Painting Space Hulk Genestealers the quick and easy way

Since lockdown and spending all my time in isolation I have been relying on, and teaching my son how to play 40K, but 7 hours is way to long of a game.  So I cracked open my Space Hulk boxset and OMG I had forgotten what a great game it is.  I still have the original in the loft but the figures in the new one are amazing.  After we had a few games with my son, who has a very small "Genestealer cuts army" turned round to me and said "wouldn't it be great if these figures where painted" and secretly he wanted them for his army, he thinks I'm daft.  But... yes he is right it would be good if they where painted.   

Before we started to paint the figures I decided to buy some of GW's "Sector Mechanicus Industrial Bases" and start trimming the Genestealers to fit on their new bases.  

Last year when my son started painting (before contrast paints came out) he found normal GW paints too thick to use and didn't like painting.   I mixed up some washes for hes Genestealer Cults army.  He painted all hes figures and he was happy with them, so I started to paint the Patriarch in these washes, but I wanted them to look like the ones on the box and also simple and achievable for my son to do. 

I decided to delve into the realms of contrast paint as I think these paints are aimed at my sons level and age bracket and I would be able to get the effect and tone of what I want.  I chose Akhelian Green with a Druchii Violet wash for the carapace and Magos Purple for the skin.  I was happy with the effect with just these three quick coats of paints.  I painted his other Patriarch and showed him how easy it would be.  

He liked the effect so much that we based the original Space Hulk Genestealers and he wanted to paint them and I would paint the Genestealers from the new Space Hulk.

They don't look bad all together 

The new ones all painted.

And the old ones my son painted


  1. Lovely, lovely Broodlords. I still think the Space Hulk one might be my favourite GW model ever. I use contrast paint all the time now. That purple just works. Did you highlight it or just thin it out around the brain?

  2. Hi mate, yeah that purple contrast paint is really good, and no we didn't highlight it, I just used a thin coat over that area. I wanted the process to be as easy as possible so my son could copy it. P.S. my son was looking at your Biovores tutorial, I think I have created a monster lol :)