Friday 18 January 2019

The Great Crimson Fists Sale (Part 3) Characters, Terminators and Dreadnoughts

Welcome to (part 3) of the Great Crimson Fists sale, If you have read (part 1 or 2) you can skip this bit :) 

It has been a 30+ year love affair but all things must come to an end.  With a sad sad heart its time to say good buy and let someone else take on the mantle of Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists.

This army has taken many years to collect and paint and it is obvious that the later painted figures are better as my painting style changed, from; table top standard i.e. just get it on the board to the later -me beginning to slow down and enjoy painting.  

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor and 3 Space Marine Captains

10 Honour Guard

Captain Lysander (Crimson Fists Colours) 2 Terminator Chaplains

Sorry I never got around to completing the Librarian and 2 Chaplains one with jump pack 

Tech Marine and 4 Servitors

10 Terminators  

6 Terminators

5 Terminators

Mixed bag 

10 Bikers including my converted quad bike.

We have a mixture of Dreadnoughts here I think 3 are metal and the rest plastic and one scratch built Chaplain Dreadnought 

Oh look extra bits.

Press here to view the ebay auction

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