Friday 18 January 2019

The Great Crimson Fists Sale (Part 1)

Welcome to (part 1) of the Great Crimson Fists sale, it has been a 30+ year love affair but all things must come to an end.  With a sad sad heart its time to say good buy and let someone else take on the mantle of Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists.

This army has taken many years to collect and paint and it is obvious that the later painted figures are better as my painting style changed, from; table top standard i.e. just get it on the board to the later -me beginning to slow down and enjoy painting.  

There are a lot of conversions in this army these are my favorite three.

So what do you get :-
1 x Chapter Master
4 x Space Marine Captains
4 x Chaplains
10 x Honour Guard
40 x Tactical Marines
20 x Assault Marines (jump)
20 x Vanguard Marines (jump)
23 x Sternguard
21 x Terminators
35 x Devestator Marines
10 x Bikes
8 x Dreadnoughts + 1 unpainted with extra arms
2 x Razorbacks
5 x Rhinos / 3 of which have interchangeable part to make more Razorbacks 
3 x Whirlwinds (old school)
3 x Predators
6 x Land Raiders
3 x Drop Pods
1 x Stormraven Gunship
2 x Stormtalon Gunship
KR Multi Case and extra bits

I have broken it down into sections as there are many, many images and this is to just to wet your appetite.  I will post more images shortly and the link to buy, enjoy . 

Press here to view the ebay auction

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