Thursday 24 May 2018

Do Good Bases Maketh the Man or Woman?

Today I wanted to discuss bases, particularly is it worth the "time and effort"?  Over the years I have painted many models or figures that I have spent more time on the base rather than the model.  It is my humble opinion that if your have the time and inclination that a good base can be used to promote not just your hobby ability but the model itself.  The base can be used to tell a narrative or create an atmosphere placing the model in a scene.  

I am currently working towards a Imperial Knight Army and what better way to tell a narrative than a severed head at the models feet.  Having said all that about narrative and time and effort, and after seeing some fantastic bases at Golden Demon 2 weeks ago.   I came to the conclusion that maybe I need to spent more time on my bases to add the little details that help to create a scene.  I often go for a central piece of titillation.  I think in future I should add more to the whole base, but then I can run the risk of the base being the main attraction while the model could be lost or secondary to the latter.  I'm interested to hear your opinions.....  

And while you think it over here is a selection of bases I have created over the years:-

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