Saturday 9 April 2022

Time away for good behavior and Showcasing my friends yearly successes in 2022

Yes your right I have stepped away from Blogging for a while, but I have still been busy painting.  I have explored speed painting with interspersed bouts of technique improvements segments.  For a large part of my time away we have been gaming and playing Middle Earth and Battle companies.  Over the coming days I will be showcasing almost a years worth of work including an actual painting on a canvas. 

Today however I want to talk about what a great bunch and talented friends I have, which I have had the pleasure to grow up with since I was a teenager.

Chris Otterburn has spent a large part of his modelling time last year creating Middle Earth's Helms Deep from Lego, yep that's right Lego, to his children's dismay.  Otty also sent Zorpazorp a box of Middle Earth villages he kit bashed which was unboxed live on his channel, in my opinion that's cool.

Dave Western famed blogger from Confessions of a 40K Addict on the other hand has been very busy with his Tyranids showcasing on the Warhammer Community page "This Tyranid Army Looks So Good You’ll Want Them to Eat You" and gearing up for the new codex.  And speaking of new codex, even my son has been doing a bit of painting:-

I have been very lucky to have very good friends who are super talented, eager to improve, bounce ideas about and share knowledge and experience.  We all strive to be better creatives and enjoy our hobbies together.  It is my dream we will work collaboratively under our own company name and workshop and have blogs and Youtube channels, don't tell my wife but that's my retirement plan :)

I thought I would end with a few images of my mates taken over the past few months that literally made me laugh out loud. 

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