Monday 21 June 2021



Welcome back to my Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne, it has been 6 years since last I spoke of him and he has gone through some changes.  Lets start with a quick recap- When the Lord of Skulls model was released from Games Workshop I rashly bought one, then I came to realise I didn't like the model.  So I decided to use it and create two Chaos Lord of Wars, first would be a FW Shadowsword and the second would be an Iron Man style construct.  And that's what I did.

Then in 2006 FW released the Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne and I did a post on it (click here to see it) and explained that now I had seen it, it made complete sense to give it hind legs and I was angry with myself for not thinking of it first.  Anyway,  it had taken 6 years to get over myself and a complete rebuild and now it is finally complete. 

Because I was happy with the top half of the conversion I just had to do snap the top of my original version which was collecting dust.  I purchased some cheap Imperial Knight legs and the new Renegade Knight Feet on ebay, with a small amount of kit bashing I cut the legs apart and inserted a section to give them the hind legs look.  I rolled out tubing with green stuff using the Green stuff's Roll Maker 

I got the airbrush out and set to work

I decided to do it section by section as I was using the NMM technique 

Oh and I magnatised the legs section for ease of transport and in case I change my mind again regarding the legs ;)

And there we have it, I have to admit the conversion is better but I am still not 100% happy, but at least I have knocked it off my to do list :)  I just need to find a way to field it, may be Be'lakor would let me do it?

Please note I am 12 months behind on my blogs so this was actually made last year.  I have a lot to catch up on lol :)

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