Saturday 17 May 2014

So what is it?

I have finally got over the come down from Throne of Skulls and the distraction of the Militarum Tempestus, time to set Chaos aside and start a new army.  I had intended on airbrushing my Riptides but I got a little distracted making this.... Believe it or not it's a flying base for my Barracuda, it's not quite finished but I thought I would share it, I am struggling with what to do with the plinth (which is made from the feet of the Forge World Tau sentry turret) - at the moment it's cut to the edge of the base, I thought it would overhang too much but now I'm not sure?

It's taken about a week to make and 3 and a bit packets of Milliput, I have used grey stuff for the head and the Tau Ceti flying base is 95x120mm this gives you an idea of scale. My intention is to paint it an off white which would create a contrast to the dark red Farsight Enclave Barracuda.

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