Sunday 9 March 2014

Chaos Shadowsword WIP part 1

For those enthusiasts out there who spend 50% of their time looking for inspiration while the other 50% in their creative corners building and constructing.  I have images below that show how my Shadowsword / Fellblade cross breed came about.

Warning..... butchery and cheating may have taken place in the creation of this scratch built tank, you have been warned.

I used the central hull from a Baneblade kit and the tracks/wheels sections from a Lord of Skulls kits, all purchased from a bits store, obviously when they had a sale on at 33%, the total amount of bits purchased came to £10.50        bargain....  Most of the other parts have been taken from my bits box, Also I used 3mm plasticard for the top hull plating and 5mm foamex board for either side of the tracks. finally the detail and trim is 1mm plasticard.

 The Turret has been created using 3mm MDF board topped with 4 layers of 5mm foam board each one cut in decreasing sized circles and then covered in my secret ingredient???? "Ultra fine wall filler" its quick trying and easy to sand. A well placed cut piece of 25mm tubing glued on the side and there we have it, one symmetrical turret, well nearly.

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